Which is the Best Discount Broker in India?

With the increased usage of the internet in India, more and more trading is going on every day through online, which has led to the emerging of a new type of brokers, Discount brokers, who actually offer good customer service at very affordable brokerage rates. However, as the concept of discount broking involve brokers who usually charge less commissions in comparison to market norms and thus easily attract the enthusiast clients by simply routing to automated servicing online.




Benefits of hiring the best discount brokers


Working with a discount broker can offer you economical access to investments, which can ultimately lead to the better decision with huge profits.


  • An investor can save huge amount money on any trading transactions while working with a full-service discount broker as he only needs to pay heavy amounts of money as commissions to brokers depending on the volume of trade. Even, by working together with a discount broker, an investor can also save a huge amount of money.
  • Usually, any best discount brokers are large companies, which mean that the trader’s investment is very much safe.
  • Discount brokers usually offer a trading platform for their clients to make the trades of their preference along with offering an efficient and high-quality that enables their clients to purchase or sell any investments easily.

Criteria for choosing the best discount broker


  • Choose a discount broker that focuses on the price-per-trade and thus offer the lowest price-per-trade.
  • It is important to know while selecting the best discount broker that the types of customer care service the brokerage offers by sending you all vital document any time through online.
  • Most of the best discount brokers offer stocks on the main exchanges including corporate bonds, government bonds, etc.


The idea of discount broking is a very current trend that started for the last five years only and thus has become very much popular in India as more and more people are now investing using their own skills and knowledge. Some of the best-known discounts brokers in India include Zerodha, Tradejini, RKSV, Trade Smart Online etc.

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